When Apple Music launched, it didn’t just try and differentiate itself with Beats 1. Apple also made its service hugely competitive by making its family plans just $14.99 for six members. In comparison, Spotify (still) charges that same price for two members; five members, meanwhile, will set you back $29 a month, which is double Apple’s price.

Not one to be left out of the party, it sounds like Google is planning to introduce its own family plan tomorrow, offering the same price and member limit as Apple Music.

Android Police says the news is part of Google’s increased focus on music, and will be the perfect way to introduce consumers to Chromecast Audio, a rumored dongle that will add a Wi-Fi connection to old speakers. Google’s family plan will offer unlimited streaming for six family members, which is pretty darn good for $14.99 a month. Remember, a normal subscription is $9.99, so going down the family plan route sounds like a steal.

Google’s Music service has carved out a nice little audience for itself since launching a few years ago, and this new promotion will only help further highlight what a solid service it is. Spotify still might be the king of music streaming, but when you have such affordable family plan options, there’s no real reason why people won’t at least consider switching down the road.