Google Play Music is one of the best streaming services out there, and it’s getting even better with a family plan.

Right now it costs $9.99 for a single subscription, which is about on a par with the rest of the industry. If you’re a family, however, or you have a group of friends, you can now subscribe to a new plan that can be shared between six people for just $14.99 per month. Not bad at all, especially if you split the cost with a bunch of people. You can still stick with that plan if you’re alone and have nobody to share with, but the family plan is the way to go, even if we share with one other person.

Unfortunately, Google didn’t say when the family plan will launch, only to say that we’ll see it later this year. Oh, and by the way, anyone who purchases a new Nexus phone will get 90 free days of Google Play Music, which is a nice way to get acquainted with the company’s excellent service.