Similar to Amazon's fun little X-Ray feature introduced last year, Google is adding "info cards" to its Google Play Movies & TV app. When watching a movie, the new feature will show actor bios and full filmographies with one simple touch, eliminating those "where have I seen that guy?" moments. By the way, you've seen Jack Black in movies such as Nacho Libre and Saving Silverman.

To get info cards to show up, simply pause the movie you're watching and up they'll pop. If you tap on an actor's face, their full stats will pop up, such as age, place of birth (weird), recent work, etc. Info cards will also tell you more about that particular movie and soundtrack information. Unpause the movie and info cards will fade away.

The new feature is supported by hundreds of movies in the Google Play store, Google said, with more being added every day. Google, incidentally, has plenty of catching up to do, as Amazon has added its X-Ray feature to TV shows now. Info cards will work on tablets running Android 4.0 and above.