Computer gamers aren't the only ones who get to enjoy the beauty of YouTube Gaming. Google on Wednesday announced anyone with an Android phone and a flair for the dramatic can start sharing their gaming exploits directly to YouTube Gaming, via an update to Google Play Games, making it easier than ever to hop into the Let's Play community.

The most alluring part of today's update is the fact that seemingly anyone can jump into the world of Let's Play videos. Typically you'd need a complicated setup of recording equipment and a high-end computer, but thanks to Google's update, all you need is a phone. Just hit record, and when you're done, you can edit your video and upload it directly to YouTube Gaming.

The quality of video won't be incredibly high—you can upload in either 480p or 720p—but it still makes the Let's Play community accessible to anyone with a high-end Android phone. The neat thing is YouTube Gaming will utilize your phone's front-facing camera, so you can appear in the stream and talk to your audience. It'll also give you a handy estimate of how much space your video will take up, so you can avoid running out of space in the middle of a gaming session.

Google says the new feature is designed to increase interest in YouTube Gaming, but also evolve Google Play Games, which received a special recording utility specifically designed for Android. It sounds like Google is focusing heavily on Android users for now, but there's always a chance iOS users can take advantage of something similar down the road.

As of now, only Android smartphones and tablets can take advantage of the new recording ability, which means Android TV users will have to patiently wait until they're acknowledged. Anyone hoping to build out their gaming channel can download the update beginning today in the U.S. and U.K., with more countries to come on the horizon.