By now you’ve probably heard that Google added its Google Voice calling feature to Gmail yesterday, allowing US residents to make free calls anywhere in the nation and north of the border into Canada.  Apparently they think this whole Google Voice idea is big because they’re doing all they can to spread the word and advertising will only ramp up from here.

googlevoiceboothIn a unique advertising campaign, Google will be rolling out these red phone booths to airports and college campuses across the country later this fall.  According to TechCrunch, Google has been testing the booth on their own campus with overwhelmingly positive results.  As a proud owner of five custom made booths, Google is looking into the best places to hardwire them in.

In an interview with the product marketing manager for Google Voice, Jason Toff said they’re in talks with Arizona State University to bring one booth on campus.  The others will likely find a home elsewhere in the country at high traffic locations for the greatest amount of exposure possible.  The booths will allow anyone to make free nationwide and international calls.  How they’ll regulate and maintain the booths is still anyone’s guess but it looks like a 20-minute time limit per call is a good start.

It’s certainly an interesting advertising campaign and it’ll likely pay off as young, tech-savvy users get schooled on the workings of Google Voice.  Should Google bring a booth to your campus?  We’ll let you know more as they begin the rollout in the coming months.

[Via TechCrunch]