When it comes to quickly finding the right app, Google Play isn’t exactly a perfect system. Like Apple’s App Store it can be cluttered with knockoffs and just generally confusing. Now, the company is rolling out a new system that could make searching the Play Store easier while bringing in some extra money at the same time.

That’s right, sponsored apps are coming to Google Play. The company announced the news on Thursday in a post explaining how the new system will work. Basically, developers will be able to pay to push their app to the top of a relevant search, with a small yellow tag identifying it as an ad. Hopefully that means we’ll only see relevant and useful options pop-up in the new paid slot.

Of course, it’s possible the entire thing could backfire on Google if the wrong apps end up getting promoted. The company says it’s trying things out in the next few weeks with a small pilot group of app advertisers. Depending on how things go the program will expand to even more apps, offering an easy way to jump to the top of the Play Store.