android one turkey

Google's Android One has been considered a failure, at least according to reports suggesting that the company's plans for pure Android handsets in emerging markets aren't attracting as many consumers as expected. The problem, it has been reported, is that Google hasn't worked closely enough with handset manufacturers to create desirable devices with frequent updates. Now that's set to change.

The Financial Times said this week that Google is planning to relaunch Android One, starting in India where new smartphones are set to cost under $50. "It is like any company when you try to launch a new initiative – we had a few hiccups," Google's Android One managing director in India Rajan Anandan told the news outlet. Google has apparently faced competition from other firms that are able to provide better apps and a search experience on slower networks, and so it will make support for those very networks a priority moving forward.

Google doesn't see immediate success in the region, but thinks that 10 years down, as the bulk of the population comes online and gains access to faster networks, it will be worth the investment.