Google's Nexus 7 is an amazing $199 7-inch tablet. Now, it appears the tech giant is about to enter the 10-inch space with a Nexus-branded tablet of its own. This time Google has tapped Samsung to build a 10.1-inch tablet, however, instead of ASUS. Speaking with CNET recently, NPD DisplaySearch analyst Richard Shim said the tablet will feature a display with a stunning 299 ppi pixel density and a resolution of 2,650 x 1,600. That's sharper than the screen used on Apple's new iPad.

"It's going to be a high-end device," Shim told CNET, noting that the device will have Samsung co-branding. Our guess is that Google originally showed the world how to build a top-notch tablet for 7-inches and, now, it wants to show the world that, like Apple, it can build a first-rate Android tablet. Are we the only ones that think it's a bit weird that Google needs to step-in and teach these manufacturers how to make really great tablets?

Shim didn't provide pricing details a release date or mention the device's name. Nexus 10.1, maybe?

He also suggested that a $99 Google tablet will enter production in December.

[via CNET]