Google should announce the Pixel 3 and the Home Hub in a few weeks, but its plan for the Pixelbook doesn’t seem so clear.

It might be replaced by two new Pixelbook devices that serve different segments of the market. While the Pixelbook 2 would continue offering a premium experience, there could be a low-cost alternative as well. Both are expected to run Chrome OS.

For the most part, the Pixelbook 2 has stayed away from the rumor mill. The only information we have on it as that, as expected, there will be a smaller bezel surrounding its display. Other than that, we can only assume Google will tweak its design and bring performance upgrades.

The low-cost Pixelbook, though, isn’t nearly as shy. Google has mentioned ‘Nocturne’ behind the scenes already, and it showed up in a leak earlier this month. Aside from its operating system, part of Nocturne’s design was exposed. Now we can see what’s allegedly Nocturne in its entirety.

In a fresh leak, Nocturne was caught attached to one of Brydge’s keyboards. The accessory maker had built a staging website for products that are set to launch soon.

Here’s the photo, which was spotted by About Chromebooks:

The new, budget-friendly Pixelbook model won’t have a built-in keyboard. Google is expected to offer Nocturne as a tablet, and then users can purchase attachable keyboards to easily switch between modes. It should be a laptop or tablet as needed, the latter mode benefitting from Android apps.

Google does appear to have a thinner bezel on this product than last year’s Pixelbook, and it has the same 3:2 aspect ratio. Nocturne will have at least one USB-C port, too.

If you look closely at the top, you’ll see a small divot in the frame. What is that? Based on several reports, Nocturne and the Pixelbook 2 are likely going to include fingerprint recognition. So that space could be for Nocturne’s fingerprint scanner. Google’s already hinted at the feature itself.

What’s missing, though, is a front-facing camera. There must be a front-facing camera on Nocturne; therefore, it’s possible Brydge was given a placeholder image until the full unveiling. It’d be strange for any laptop or tablet to launch without that feature no matter how inexpensive.

The October 9 launch event will be held in New York City, and TechnoBuffalo has a spot reserved to delivery live coverage to you all day.