Google launched the Pixel and Pixel XL as a Verizon exclusive in the U.S., though you can also buy the phones unlocked straight from the Google Store website and at Best Buy. While Verizon is the only U.S. carrier selling the devices in stores, it looks like that may change early next month.

AT&T is allegedly set to start selling the Pixel and Pixel XL in the first week of November, according to Android Central editor Jerry Hildenbrand. He shared the news on Twitter, noting that multiple “trustworthy” sources have been telling him the same thing. However, Hildenbrand admits that he doesn’t have enough evidence to report the rumor as news.

Getting the new Pixel phones into AT&T stores would be a huge win for Google, especially if it happens as soon as early November before the busy holiday shopping season kicks off. It could help boost sales and give more people a chance to try out new features like Google Assistant by simply walking into a local carrier store.

The Pixel and Pixel XL are solid flagship phones, though Google’s new hardware strategy still has its flaws. We’ll let you know if and when Verizon loses the exclusive on the Pixel.