We received our first taste of Google's Pixel XL 2 earlier this week, and now the floodgates appear to have opened. A detailed report from XDA claims to unveil a number of exciting features headed to the device, including an always-on display, multiple display profiles, and possible uses for he rumored squeezable frame.

According to the report, the device's squeezable frame will tie directly to Google Assistant, making the AI even easier to use.

"You'll be able to use the shortcut to launch Google Assistant when the screen is on or off," XDA writes. "You will also be able to adjust the squeezing intensity threshold so that you can find a comfortable level of pressure to trigger the shortcut."

The squeezable frame will also apparently allow users to do more with the device, such as easily silence calls. However, it's unclear if users will be able to set up custom squeeze shortcuts—perhaps to launch a third-party app or message a favorite contact.

Additionally, XDA claims the Pixel XL 2 will feature an always-on display, a feature the site recently found evidence of in an Android O Developer Preview. The feature is said to work similarly to what we've seen from devices like the Galaxy S8 and LG G6.

And finally, the handset will allegedly feature display profiles, such as sRGB and Vivid.

There's a lot to be excited about in XDA's report, but it still doesn't tell the full story. How will the camera improve? How much will it cost? When can we get it? Hopefully, we'll learn those details very soon now that the leaks have become more frequent.

With Android O set to launch toward the end of the summer, hopefully Google shares details around then.