Google is rolling out an update for the Pixel and Pixel XL that adds some new functions that were oddly missing at launch. In fact, folks who used the original Moto X and last year’s Nexus devices will be pleasantly surprised by some of the changes. Unfortunately, the update isn’t available in the US yet.

Indeed, Google is finally bringing back lift-to-wake and support for double tapping the lock screen to see notifications. These are two options that were certainly missed from the original software on the Google Pixel, especially given that there didn’t seem to be any main reason for their omission. The former, lift to wake, does exactly what it says. The phone will wake up if it senses it’s being lifted up, a convenient feature that allows you to skip tapping the power button first. You don’t need to have these features on; they can be turned on and off in Settings > Moves.

Google Pixel lift-to-wake only in Canada for now

Oddly, and we’re not sure why, Droid-Life says the update is only available in Canada right now. My guess is that Google is going to roll these options out to everyone really soon. There’s no reason for Google to fragment the devices in any way, which is why Verizon has promised that its Pixel phones will get all updates at the same time as unlocked versions.