Expect the Pixel Stand to arrive next month. In a new leak, we’re able to see the wireless charging dock that Google will pair with its 2018 flagship. The Pixel Stand should work with any Qi-enabled mobile device, but there’s no doubt it’s been designed to welcome the Pixel 3 over anything else. Both are definitely from the same design team.

By the way, the accessory appeared in a recent leak where its features were put on blast. The Pixel 3 on the Pixel Stand will be able to show enlarged icons and snippets of information. You’ll have shortcuts to apps and notifications in an at-a-glance layout. Neat, right?

While that leak showed us an animation for reference, the latest information reveals an actual photo of the Pixel Stand. Now we know exactly what Google’s wireless charging dock looks like.

The Pixel Stand will prop your phone up with a slight tilt. Why does that matter? It makes it easier to see information and notifications than if the wireless charging dock was flat. Google could offer the Pixel Stand in multiple colors, but this leak shows it in white. However, there’s an orange-colored base to add some personality.

Here’s the Pixel Stand in all its glory, according to MySmartPrice:

As for itself, the Pixel Stand gets power from a cable that goes from a wall outlet to the USB-C port. It should output 15W (5V/3A) or 18W (9V/2A).

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), meanwhile, gave certification to the wireless charging dock. Based on the paperwork submitted, the G019C is the Pixel Stand’s model number. If you look closely at the leaked photo above, you’ll see the same identifier along the base’s edge.

We’re almost done waiting for the Pixel 3. Google’s two high-end phones, which share most specifications, are set to go official on October 9. The unveiling should also include the Pixelbook 2 and the Home Hub. Every fall, Google rolls out several new hardware products. So there should be no shortage of items from the Mountain View-based company this fall.