Google is slated to unveil new smartphones at an event on October 9, but that won’t be all that’s announced. The search giant might also introduce a Chrome OS tablet, too—something we saw rear its head last month.

According to a leak from MySmartPrice, Google’s Pixel Slate will feature support for a capacitive stylus, stereo speakers, and a detachable keyboard accessory. Clearly, Google has aspirations for the Pixel Slate to compete against Apple’s iPad Pro.

The leaked images appear to show a large tablet running Chrome OS, with a dock at the bottom and a launcher for apps from Google Play, including YouTube, Google Photos, and even Spotify. The design of the device features a front-facing camera, as well as a rear-facing shooter that we’d imagine will take pictures on a par with its Pixel smartphones.

The design is fairly minimal, with a single USB-Port on the bottom and no 3.5mm headphone jack as far as we can tell. The images also reveal a power button at the top, which MySmartPrice speculates could house a fingerprint sensor.

As for the detachable keyboard accessory, it features a connectivity port, round keys, and even a trackpad, making it a viable replacement for a laptop keyboard. There are also a row of keys at the top for adjusting brightness, volume, and multitasking. There’s even a dedicated Google Assistant button close to the space bar.

With Google set to unveil the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL on October 9, it’s likely Google will also announce the Pixel Slate, which looks to be the search giant’s answer to devices like the iPad Pro.