Reviewers and consumers alike agree the Google Pixel has one of the best mobile cameras on the market. But one issue has slowly cropped up that’s marring the experience.

Several users have noticed a distracting arc flare under certain lighting conditions, particularly bright light (it also happens in low light). A quick Google search surfaces a number of complaints and the number of reports continues to grow.

We noticed this on our Pixel review unit in lowlight conditions where the outer rings of the photo were reddish and noisy. Fortunately, Google says it’s going to tweak its software algorithms to eliminate the issue. The update will arrive in a few weeks.

One Googler in the Pixel product forums explained how Google intends to fix it.

We’re working on some algorithms that recognize the halo/arc flare, characterize it mathematically, and then subtract it from the image. You will need to use HDR+ to see the benefits of the software.

Also, there is no point getting your device replaced thanks to this issue. The Pixel’s lens structure is very highly controlled—this means that all Pixels take high-quality images, but it also means all Pixels have the same flare characteristics.

Is this just anod to J.J. Abrams?

When light hits the camera lens a certain way, flaring is to be expected. Heck, sometimes it’s even a style choice, as seen in movies directed by J.J. Abrams. But to such an extent is uncommon and it doesn’t look very good in most situations.

If you’ve noticed excessive arc flaring while taking pictures with your Pixel, know that a fix is coming soon.