Love the Google Pixel? Me too, but I’d still appreciate a few changes. If you’re like me, you can now officially comment in a thread created by Google’s Pixel product lead Krishna Kumar titled “Chamfers, cross-hatch patterns and deep-blue – obsessing on Pixel’s design.”

In it, Kumar explains that “developing a design is an exhilarating and at the same time terrifying exercise.” He then asks for input in what users think Google did right with the design, what user’s hate about it and what Pixel owners would “like to see [Google] improve.”

One aspect I think definitely needs to be added to the Pixel 2 is water-resistance. I still worry about carrying the phone, especially now that I’m used to water-resistant designs from Samsung and Apple. I could even argue for a larger display.

Speak now…

Want to have your thoughts heard? Leave a message for Kumar directly in his thread, which we’ve linked in the source below. If you don’t… then you really don’t have any excuse to complain if Google leaves out a feature in the Pixel 2.