When Google talked about Android O at its I/O conference this week, the company didn’t mention any big redesigns coming to its Pixel Launcher. But, low and behold, one was apparently on display during a Sandbox session at the show, which you can see in action in the video below.

Users familiar with the Pixel Launcher will notice the change immediately. Rather than featuring a tab at the top alongside a widget for the weather and date, Google has stuffed a search bar in the dock. It isn’t the most elegant of designs, but it puts the search bar in a location that’s easier to reach.

A separate video also appears to show off expanded search functionality. In addition to searching for apps on your phone, you’ll also get results for apps in the Play Store, similar to Spotlight on iOS.

Google hasn’t indicated any plans to change the Pixel Launcher’s existing layout, and what was shown off at I/O may just be for demonstration purposes. The change isn’t particularly elegant, though it is certainly convenient.

With Android O set to land later this year, along with the prospect of three new Pixel devices, a refresh of the Pixel Launcher is certainly in the realm of possibility. For now, you can catch up on the latest features found in Android O in the link right here.