Google is making it known that a phone announcement is on the horizon. After sending out event invites to press on Monday, Google has made it a point to advertise that it’s preparing to unveil a new mobile device(s), one that is rumored to be part of its Pixel lineup.

Soon after the event was confirmed, people reported seeing this ad play during Monday Night Football coverage, and now it looks like Google is putting serious muscle behind advertising the upcoming device’s existence. Take, for example, the statue that mysteriously showed up in New York City (seen in the gallery above).

People are also reporting seeing teases for the Oct. 4 event elsewhere around NYC, with a white outline for the phone next to Google’s familiar “G” logo. There’s also a #MadeByGoogle hashtag popping up, ensuring people know that Google is going to be a presence in the hardware business.

Many people know Google for its services: Android, Photos, Gmail, Maps, etc. Not many people realize it also dabbles in hardware, too, introducing products such as Chromebook Pixel, Pixel C, and the ill-fated Glass. Now, the search giant is ensuring the public knows it’s about to throw its reputation behind a phone seemingly made by Google from the ground up.

We pretty much know what to expect from these new devices—at least from a hardware perspective. We’ll see what else the company has in store on Oct. 4.