Google Pixel smartphone owners have complained about Bluetooth connectivity issues following the February security patch (NOF26V/NOF26W) that was rolled out recently. Google took feedback from its users and says it has identified the problem.

Users in Google’s forums had said that Bluetooth would turn off randomly throughout the day, even while Bluetooth devices were paired and within range (such as Android Wear smartwatches.)  Some said it occurred after long periods of inactivity, like while charging the device at night, while other times it seemed to be more sporadic. Don’t worry if you’ve been seeing similar problems.

Pixel Bluetooth fix coming soon

“Thank you all for your detailed feedback, and to those that submitted bug reports,” a Google Pixel community manager said recently. ” It has been extremely helpful. The team has identified a fix, and it will be rolling out in an upcoming release. I’ll keep you all posted with any other details!”

Google didn’t say when the fix will roll out. Perhaps it’ll just fly out over the air, or maybe Google will stuff it into the March security update ASAP. We’ll let you know if more comes of this.