We're quickly approaching fall, which can only mean one thing: a new Pixel phone is near—and it's going to be called Pixel 4. Surprisingly, Google has already confirmed the Pixel 4's existence by sharing a render on Twitter. It doesn't tell us much, but Google did have this to say, "Wait 'til you see what it can do."

Google concedes to leaks

As June kicked off, so did Pixel 4 rumors. Not long after, an unconfirmed render showed up, revealing the device's final design. Then, on Tuesday, June 12, Google conceded to the leaks and Tweeted out a picture of the Pixel 4.

Seeing a company reveal a device so far in advance of its release is highly unusual. But Google is acknowledging a few things. One, that leaks are inevitable, so before they got out of hand, the search giant wanted to take control.

Google is also acknowledging that things are changing for the Pixel 4. By getting ahead of future leaks, Google is able to have some control over the narrative and really raise the stakes.

Pixel 4 design

We can tell a lot about the Pixel 4 from just one render. The most obvious change is the square camera hump, which houses a dual-camera setup, an LED flash, and a mysterious sensor. It's a big change for Google, which has proudly stuck with a single camera in the past, including the Pixel 3.

The second big change is the lack of a rear fingerprint sensor. Instead, rumors claim Google might go with an in-display alternative, which we've seen adopted by companies like Samsung and OnePlus. That change in and of itself will make the Pixel 4 feel a lot more premium.

Ditching the rear-facing fingerprint sensor results in a better design, too. While rear fingerprint sensors are convenient, they don't look that great. The Pixel 4 looks much cleaner than Google's Pixel 3.

Finally, the image shared by Google confirms the Pixel 4 won't feature a two tone design, which has become a signature of the Pixel line. Consider it a mature evolution, bringing Google's smartphone in line with what we see from Apple, Huawei, and others.

Pixel 4 features

Android Q will be a big part of the Pixel 4 experience, but what will really make the device stand out is its features. We'll see a dual-camera setup, as we've pointed out. But what about that mysterious third sensor on the back? Rumor has it it's a "spectral sensor," which could make the Pixel 4's camera even better.

There are reports the device will also feature a "Soli" chip, which will enable air gestures for things like skipping and silencing songs. The new gestures will come in addition to the Pixel's edge gestures, which allows users to squeeze the device to access extra features and settings.

Finally, there have been rumors about Google introducing a facial unlocking feature similar to Apple's Face ID. It would make sense, seeing as the Pixel 4 will no longer have a rear-facing fingerprint sensor.

Pixel 4 price

Price will be a big factor of success for the Pixel 4. When the Pixel 3 launched, it retailed for $799. Google should try and match that or even go under to attract a wider audience.

Since launching the more affordable Pixel 3a, the device has become the best-selling unlocked phone on Amazon. Clearly, consumers are responding to the more affordable price.

Pixel 4 release date

Google typically releases new Pixel devices in the fall, and that'll probably be the case for the Pixel 4. There's hope Google could release the device earlier seeing as the search giant already confirmed its existence, but the device is likely still a few months away from hitting the market.

The cheap option

Google Pixel 3a

Rather than wait for the Pixel 4, why not check out the new Pixel 3a, which features a fantastic camera, excellent battery life, and clean software. Plus, it's really affordable, making it one of the best Android devices on the market.

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