In addition to sleek software and a competent design, what makes the Pixel 2 great is its camera, highlighted by a beautiful Portrait Mode. The feature is achieved through advanced algorithms rather than a dual-camera setup, and now that same feature has been ported to non-Google devices.

A group of intrepid developers has come up with a modded version of the Google Camera apk, allowing owners of older Google devices and non-Google devices to experience the company’s advanced Portrait Mode feature.

Reports over at XDA reveal the Camera NX app with the Portrait Mode feature works with devices such as the OnePlus 3, Moto G5s Plus, and even the Galaxy Note 8, the caveat being these devices need to be running Android Oreo. No root is required for the mod to function properly.

The ported camera experience will reportedly greatly improve the quality of your phone’s camera, so it’s worth a shot. Of course, you can always just pick up the Pixel 2 if a great camera is what you’re after.