Maybe we’ll see another pair of Pixel phones go official within the next few months. It’s not an official report to confirm anything, but Android Police spotted codenames for two unreleased Google-made devices in the latest update for ARCore. There’s some belief that at least one of them will be rolled out in the near future.

The codenames, listed as ‘Bonito’ and ‘Sargo’ within the APK file, are split between familiar and entirely new. Bonito is the codename for Google’s mid-range Pixel phone that popped up earlier this year. It was rumored to pack a Snapdragon 710, and now the budget-friendly model could arrive in early 2019.

As for Sargo, it hasn’t appeared in any previous rumors and reports. Android Police notes that it does, however, have a fish-inspired name and thus belongs to the Mountain View-based company. Google always names its hardware after creatures of the sea.

It’s possible Google creates Bonito and Sargo as similar devices with their biggest differences coming in overall size. That’s what it does for the flagship duo, at least. Both fish, mind you, are on the smaller side but who knows if that means much of anything. Right now, there aren’t any decent projections to make on design and specifications.

None of this would be surprising, though. Google has shown an interest in growing its hardware business and broadening appeal in emerging markets.

Last spring, the Economic Times published a report claiming that Google would introduce a mid-range device as early as July. That never occurred, but insider Roland Quand kept the idea swirling after leaking some of Bonito’s features. With Sargo in the mix, maybe we’ll see a first-party Android Go device as well.

Everything feels like pure speculation at the moment. Google might be preparing a duo of budget-friendly Pixel phones, but we don’t have any solid information to work with. So get ready for a long wait to see what else trickles out in the coming months.