While the Google Pixel was an excellent phone, the best phone, there’s still a lot to improve upon. One such improvement may be waterproofing, as we heard earlier this week. Now, another report claims Google is planning to make even more exciting changes when the Pixel 2 is released this year.

According to 9to5Google, one of Google’s main focuses will be on the Pixel 2’s camera, an area the company’s device already excels at. Google will reportedly emphasize low light performance, something all mobile devices struggle with. The current Pixel produces decent pictures in low light but the Pixel 2 will be even better, the report says.

“We’re further told that the phone’s camera will ‘not have a large MP size,’ but will rather ‘compensate in extra features,’” 9to5Google says.

The report goes on to say Google is testing multiple chipsets, including “some Snapdragon 83X chips,” along with chips from Intel. Google is also said to be developing a custom chipset for the device but it’s unclear if it’ll be ready in time for the Pixel 2. “Multiple test devices with different chipsets are being used now,” a source told 9to5Google.

Unfortunately, a Pixel with more advanced specs could lead to a price increase by “at least” $50. Google’s flagship is already fairly expensive—$649 for the cheapest model—so the base price could be raised to $700 on the low end. Let’s hope Google can at least keep the price competitive when the device eventually launches.

There may also be a “budget” Pixel

In addition to the Pixel 2, Google is said to be working on a “Pixel 2B,” which 9to5Google’s source said will feature less powerful hardware and “will be significantly cheaper.” However, it sounds like there’s a possibility the budget device may not launch at all, so don’t get your hopes up just yet.

The Google Pixel is still relatively new, so it’s a little early to start dreaming about the sequel. However, considering a new cycle of flagships are just on the horizon, it’s no surprise to hear Google is already hard at work on the Pixel 2. Let’s hope that in addition to an improved camera and specs, Google will also introduce a sleeker design.