A major launch by Google has been scheduled for October 4. A billboard just went up this week in Boston that reveals the company is planning to introduce a new phone in less than three weeks, and Google confirmed online an announcement is coming.

The Pixel 2 was previously rumored to debut on October 5; however, now Google plans to introduce the phone on the same day as last year’s Pixel. Both the billboard and the company’s site say October 4 is set to be a big day.

In addition to having the company logo and the revised date shown, Google’s billboard in Boston says “Ask more of your phone.” That’s a nod to the importance of Google Assistant on the Pixel and Pixel 2. Google is continuing to emphasize the strength of its digital assistant on Android. But, with Apple impressing the masses with the new iPhone X, we’re hoping Google understands the importance of a fresh design.

Google’s teasing that anyone seeking to change phones should wait until next month. A video posted on YouTube highlights the shortcomings of other phones to boost hype for the Pixel 2. Various searches are shown, all with questions on the bad things about other phones. At the end, Google says “It’s funny you should ask.” The October 4 launch date is then shown.

Invites for an event haven’t been sent out by Google at this time, so those should be hitting the media’s inboxes as early as today.