As evidence continues to mount, I have to say that the Google Pixel 2 is the phone I can't wait to buy.

That's a big statement to make, especially considering no details about the Pixel 2 have been made official. Not to mention it'll contend with the Galaxy S8, our current favorite, when it launches this fall. But, if we go by recent reports, Google's upcoming handset will easily be this year's best device—even better than the iPhone 8 and Galaxy Note 8.

Back in March, I talked about the potential of the Pixel 2 and why I was more excited for its release than any other phone. Now, thanks to a litany of new leaks, I'm more convinced than ever that Google has something truly special on its hands.

The phone's possible spec sheet sounds like a dream: Snapdragon 836 processor, expandable storage, wireless charging, water and dust resistance, edge-to-edge display, an improved camera, and the latest version of Android. We can also expect the same Google Photos perks. You can't ask for much more than that.

And if it looks anything like the render made by Android Police—plus the numerous other concepts—Google may put its design woes in the rearview. After all, the original Pixel design didn't exactly set a high bar. But this year's sequel could wind up being one of the most beautiful handsets we've ever seen.

One of the more intriguing rumors about the Pixel 2 concerns its squeezable frame, a feature we saw HTC introduce with the under-appreciated U11. While the U11's implementation was more gimmicky than groundbreaking, Google obviously saw value in what HTC was trying to do.

Just think of how the feature could extend the capabilities of Android, while also setting the Pixel apart from the competition. Imbuing the device with a squeezable frame would give it an identity beyond being a phone made by Google. Again, Google wouldn't be the first company to offer that feature, but if integrated well with Android, it could be a very cool way to attract new users.

For example, Pixel 2 owners could launch Google Assistant with a simple squeeze. Squeeze twice and the device could launch the camera. Hopefully, Google will allow users to customize the feature, otherwise it could be ignored by users. I can already tell you this much: The prospect of a Pixel with a squeezable frame is already more interesting than the iPhone's 3D Touch, which I very rarely use, if ever.

By no means will the Pixel 2 be a monumental shift for the smartphone market. Edge-to-edge displays are nothing new, while its rumored standout feature was introduced by a phone everyone has already forgot about. But combine these features into an optimized, polished package, and things start to become real exciting.

With the Note 8, iPhone 8, and LG V30 still on the horizon, the Pixel 2 is far from the only hotly anticipated device left this year. But if the numerous reports we've heard come true, it may become our favorite smartphone of the year for the second year running.