Google Photos

Google said recently that it will begin to take its Google+ Photos service offline beginning Aug. 1. The service has been officially replaced by Google Photos, a much more powerful standalone app and website that allows users to organize photos, sort them and more. Anyone who hasn't checked out Google Photo should; it's much better than Google+ Photos and it allows you to store an unlimited number of pictures.

Google said the sunsetting will begin on Android "and soon thereafter on Web and iOS." The company recommends that current Google+ Photos users begin to make the switch before August 1, since the app will stop working then, but said that all photos and videos will still "remain safely stored and available for export using Google Takeout." In other words, they won't vanish if you don't move in time. The transition to Photos is easy, though, so you should probably avoid the headache and just make the switch now.

Google Photos offers plenty of features including Auto Awesome, the ability to search using common phrases, albums, auto-curated stories, support for video uploads and more. Hit the source to begin your transition now.