Google Photos is getting even more AI superpowers thanks to a new update. The search giant on Thursday unveiled a slew of features coming to the photo backup service, including one that will detect and fix when an image is sideways.

The update—available now for iOS, Android, and the web—is made up of three notable features. The first, as I mentioned, will detect when your photos aren’t oriented correctly and let you easily fix them. You can even fix sideways photos in bulk.

Another cool feature involves videos. Google Photos has always made animations from photos, and now the service is applying that same technology to videos, too.


According to Google, its algorithms will automatically detect segments of activity and create a short animation that can be shared with friends and family. It’s basically creating little GIFs from your home videos.

Lastly, Google says Photos makes it easier to look over recent highlights. “If you take a lot of photos of your child, for example, you may occasionally get a card showing the best ones from the last month,” Google explained.

The new features should be available to Google Photos users now.