Sharing your Google Photos through Chromecast is now a thing, as the search giant on Thursday officially rolled out support for the affordable dongle. The feature was first shown off at Google’s Nexus event earlier this week, and it took the company no time at all to roll it out to users. Unfortunately, the update is only out for Android at the moment, with support for the Web and iOS “coming soon.”

In a nutshell, the updated Google Photos app for Android allows users to cast photos and videos to their TV. The really cool thing, however, is that when you’re casting your photo library, you can choose exactly what shows up on your TV, meaning you can continue to browse the photos on your device without interrupting what’s being cast. Google made it a point to say this isn’t like Apple’s mirroring, making for a much more seamless experience.

Additionally, Google Photos also added people labeling, so you can easily search for people and combine them into groups. This will come in handy for parties and vacations—and it will be made even better once Google rolls out group albums, which should arrive later this year.

You can get the Android update through Google Play now, while iOS users will have to wait a little bit longer.