google photos rediscover

Google Photos can already surprise you with animations and collages based on your own picture library. Now it's learning a new trick, though this one seems to be cribbed from another popular app.

Moving forward, Google will help you "rediscover" old memories. Once you opt in the new feature will pull up photos from the same day in previous years. You can find these old pictures in the app's Assistant tab, and of course it's easy to share them with friends and family via your favorite social network or a quick email.

If all this sounds familiar that's because it is. Timehop rose to popularity by tapping into your social media accounts and serving up a little bit of of nostalgia every morning. Facebook tried the same this earlier this year with its own "On This Day" feature, which added old memories right into your News Feed.

Bringing the same concept to Google Photos seems like an easy win. A few years from now the app may also help you rediscover old animations and collages it helped create. For now it's just a nice look at the past.

Rediscover is available as an update for Google Photos on iOS right now. The feature is heading to Android very soon, though it may not be available yet.