Google Photos

Google announced on Wednesday that a new Photos application will now examine hundreds or even thousands of images from a trip, a vacation for example, and will bring up the ones it thinks you’ll want to share with friends and family. The software actually analyzes all of the photos in your gallery based on whether or not they are blurry, if there are duplicates, aesthetics, affinity, landmarks, exposure and more and then picks the best ones. If you think it’s off—and Google promises it’s very accurate—you can then view all of your photos and hand pick the ones you want to share.

A new feature called auto-enhance also automatically makes sure that your images looks the best, whether it’s through red-eye reduction, noise, grain, exposure or tonal distribution using algorithms based on human taste. Other features like skin-softening can get rid of wrinkles and other things Google thinks you might not want others to see in photographs.

An “auto-awesome” feature also can create a quick clip of a series of photos, HDR, a panorama, and other options and it will add these to your Google albums for free.