You’re using Google Photos for its cloud storage more than anything else, but your friends and family probably want to see the pictures and videos you’ve collected over time. So there’s a new update rolling out that makes sharing even easier.

While you’re viewing individual items, the app will recommend who to send that picture or video to based on who’s shown. Celebrating your best friend’s birthday? Google Photos can recognize them blowing out candles on their birthday cake and then suggest you share the picture with them.

The technology behind the feature is, of course, machine learning. Google is also using machine learning for suggestions relating to edits. If your picture came out a little dark, Google Photos can automatically suggest brightening and other tweaks.

Google Photos doesn’t get in the way, though. Any suggestions are subtly displayed at the bottom of a picture or view on the app. Tap the action, and it’ll be completed instantly.

All users should see smarter, quicker suggestions on Google Photos begin appearing this month.