Google Photos

Google on Friday announced the acquisition of Fly Labs, a small company that designs video editing apps for iOS. Does this mean Google intends on rebranding the apps as its own? Not exactly. Instead, Google said it plans on adding Fly Labs' technology to Google Photos, improving an already amazing service.

Fly Labs has four different apps in its arsenal: Clips, Fly, Tempo and Crop, each designed to do a specific thing related to video. Between them, the apps have been download 3 million times in the last 18 months alone, which is no small number. With intentions to bring the technology into Google Photos, however, many more millions will get to experience the company's editing software.

Google Photos has continued to grow over the past several months, adding a number of smart features to keep users coming back for more. And later this winter, the search giant will add a group album feature, allowing multiple people to contribute to a specific photo album—perfect for trips, parties and other gatherings.

It's unclear how quickly Fly Labs can integrate its technology into Google Photos, but we're very much looking forward to even more features being added. Google said anyone can still download Fly Labs' apps for the next three months, at which point they'll be formally unsupported.