Google has offered a myriad of different wallet services, from Android Pay to Google Wallet. The company finally settled on Google Pay earlier this year, launching an application available to Android users. Now, the service is available in web browsers on desktop and iOS, allowing Google Pay users to take advantage of the service in more ways.

Going forward, Google Pay users will see it as an option when shopping through Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. The platform works like other payment services, including Apple Pay and PayPal, syncing your saved cards so you can quickly go through the checkout process.

A number of retailers support Google Pay, including Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Walgreens, Best Buy, and more. Additionally, several apps and sites support Google Pay as well, like Fandango, AirBNB, Instacart, etc. You can see a full list of which retailers, apps, and sites support Google Pay right here.

Google mentions that Chrome users get a convenient perk: the browser will automatically fill in your billing, shipping, and payment info, taking the hassle out of filling that information yourself.

If you have yet to try using a digital wallet, it really does feel like the future. There's something so nice about taking your phone out, putting it next to a payment terminal, and paying. It beats swiping your card, waiting for authorization, and inputting your PIN.