A patent filed by Google details a unique take on the relationship between camera, user and… the weather? As the search giant continues on its journey to create an "insanely great" mobile camera, the company has devised a way to connect GPS data with weather information, which then automatically changes camera settings to best fit that particular scene.

Smartphone cameras today are already capable of adjusting white balance and other settings automatically, but adding one more element could improve images even more. Having your phone know the forecast and where you're located (indoors or outdoors) could better balance exposure and saturation, meaning your Facebook photos will look that much better. And who doesn't want better looking photos?

Some companies today have moved away from the megapixel race, and it's unclear how Google will approach this in its next Nexus device. More megapixels stuffed into a small sensor don't always equal better results, so we'll have to wait and see what route Google decides to go when I/O kicks off in May.