Google has released a new app for Android called Google Opinion Rewards, and it provides exactly what its title advertises, rewards for your opinions.

Free music, apps, books, and more can be purchased with Google Play credit available through answering surveys ranging from your thoughts on Android to other topics like politics and cars. Personal information, such as your age, location, and sex are required so that more relevant surveys to be sent your way.

A Google Wallet is necessary to transfer the funds and then, after a brief initial setup, Android will deliver notifications every time a survey which rewards money is available for you.

It’s easy to scoff at the little amounts of money, but as they pile up, games you might have wanted to play won’t be far off. Plus, it’s nice to see a reward system which has actual rewards rather than just a number attached to an account name.

Any takers? Google Opinion Rewards is only available in the U.S.