As far as routers go, Google’s OnHub lineup is rather handsome, designed to be displayed rather than hidden away. But in the event you were put off by the minimal designs, Google has introduced a new OnHub Makers movement, which is a community that encourages users to create shells of their own.

Google partnered with several artists, designers and makers to see what they could come up, and some of the results are actually pretty awesome; others, not so much. Despite what you think of the designs, Google hopes you become inspired and create your own personal shell with a little DIY magic.

As part of the new community, Google has shared the designs so you can download them and create your own. Just head on over to the OnHub Makers website, and there you’ll find CAD files, 2D outlines and a helpful guide. If you wind up creating something particularly cool, Google might even feature it in the Maker Gallery.

If you’re not interested in creating your own shell for the OnHub by TP-LINK, Google is offering three new shells from the OnHub team, which will be available beginning today through the Google Store ranging from $29-39.