Have Android? Use WhatsApp? If so, a new update allows Android users to dictate messages directly through the Google app. Just hit that little mic icon, and say whatever it is you need to say—the caveat being you have to actually mention the app you prefer.

"Ok Google, send a WhatsApp message to Jon." Once the Google app is privy to your request, simply say your message aloud, and it'll be sent off into the ether, no hands required.

In addition to WhatsApp support, the Google app also supports Viber, WeChat, Telegram and NextPlus. As of now, only English is supported (around the world), but Google says it's working hard to introduce support for other languages. To take advantage of this new feature, make sure all the pertinent apps are up to date.

That's not the only update the Google app offers. The search giant said the app now shows the busiest times of the week at millions of places and business around the world. A pretty handy feature for those who prefer to avoid crowds.