Once Google bought Nest it was only a matter of time before the smart thermostat got direct integration into the rest of the company’s ecosystem. Now, Google is officially rolling out the option to control your smart thermostat using just your voice and a connected smartphone.

The new feature is part of the Works With Nest platform, which is designed to connect all your smart-gadgets and home appliances. For now, it’s limited to Nest, and should works Android’s built in Google search function or the official Google app on your iPhone.

You can change the temperature by simply telling Google something like “set the temperature to 81 degrees,” though the full list of command examples is included below. Your phone will also recognize when you’re headed home and automatically tell Nest to heat up or cool down the house, with that information showing up in a Google Now info card on your device.

This is likely only the start of Google’s Works With Nest program. We’re guessing Nest Protect and Dropcam will get similar updates in the near future. Eventually, you may be able to control your entire house just be speaking into your smartphone as long as you make sure to buy products supported by Google’s new platform.

Here are examples of the commands Nest will understand, as gathered by 9to5Google:

  • Change temperature to 20 degrees
  • Set the temperature at 75 degrees
  • Change the temperature to 68
  • Turn the thermostat to 73 degrees fahrenheit
  • Set nest at 22 celsius
  • Change the thermostat to 68 fahrenheit
  • Turn the temperature to 20 degrees celsius
  • Set temperature to 32
  • Turn temperature to 20 celsius
  • Adjust my thermostat to 75 fahrenheit
  • Tweak my temperature to 68
  • Modify my nest temperature to 23 degree celsius
  • Alter the nest thermostat to be 76 degrees
  • Set my nest temperature at about 80
  • Change my thermostat to be 20 celsius please
  • Please set my nest temperature at 69 degrees
  • Set the temp to 75
  • Turn up the temperature to 80
  • Turn the thermostat down to 72
  • Fix the temperature at 75 fahrenheit
  • Dial the thermostat to 23 celsius
  • Increase the temperature to 74 degrees
  • Put the nest thermostat at 68 fahrenheit
  • Decrease the temp to 68
  • Switch the temperature to 24 c
  • Raise the temp to 28
  • Lower the thermostat to 69 fahrenheit
  • Switch the temp up to 75 f
  • Raise up the temperature to 78
  • Switch down the temp to 69
  • Change the temperature
  • Change temperature
  • Please change the thermostat temperature
  • Modify the temperature
  • Alter the temp