Every Jelly Bean user—and many iOS users— know the value of Google Now. The predictive intelligence engine has been providing smartphones with information even before users ask for it. In such hyper-connected times, a service like that is enormously convenient and makes information digestion much easier.Two new Google Now cards are rolling out today that should make the service even better.

The first new card you'll see is TV cards, which Google says will "unlock more information about what you're watching." You have to have an Internet-connected TV for this feature to work; if you do, a new "Listen for a TV show" option will show up in Now, giving viewers a Smart Glass-like experience for TV. You'll be able to see actors in the show and that sort of thing. Basically it's like Googling a show without actually searching. Handy for TV buffs.

Next up is Google Offers, which conveniently displays a saved offer once you're near that store. Oh yeah, I saved an offer for a cheap tan. Not the most exciting card in existence, but definitely nice if you're always on the lookout for deals. Google says the new cards will be available through the Google Search Android app starting today.