Google Nexus 5-Google Now Voice Prompt

At its best, Google Now is the perfect synthesis of everything the search giant has set out to do, offering a polished stream of predictive and contextual information gleaned for everything you do online and even in the real world. Now Google is loading yet another awesome feature into its service by integrating Field Trip, a handy Google app that offers up interesting information about your current location.

The new addition wasn't listed in Google Now's latest official update, but it looks like the company is already rolling out this new feature for at least some mobile users. In the meantime, you can always head to Google Play or Apple's iTunes App Store to grab the standalone app. There's even a version of Field Trip for Google Glass.

Field Trip really is a perfect fit for Google Now, offering up bite-sized bits of information based on your location, and now it's in the same spot you already check for the latest weather update or sports scores. We can't wait to see how Google Now improves next, though considering how awesome the service already is it's hard to imagine how it could get any better.