Few things are as annoying as delayed flights. It always happens at the most inopportune time and throws off even the most detailed of itineraries. Google seems to share this annoyance, announcing an update to its Flights app that will predict the probability of a flight being delayed.

In a blogpost, Google announced an upcoming update for its Flights app will add two new major features: one that estimates the probability of your flight being delayed and the other a breakdown of the status of your ticket and all of the amenities it comes with.

To predict a flight being delayed, Google is using machine learning to check historic flight data. Google notes it’s using a learning algorithm to come up with the prediction with information that isn’t available to airlines yet. It also won’t relay the delay prediction unless is at least 80-percent sure of it.

For the second added feature, Google Flights will now offer a better breakdown of the amenities an airline seat offers. In a streamlined list, it will list off the number of amenities the seat comes with like overheard bin space, ability to select your seat and baggage fees. The feature is already working with American, Delta and United airlines.

Flying will continue be a pain due to the lack of cabin space fliers are offered, but Google is making traveling a little less stressful with these helpful features.