Falcon 9R SpaceX

It's true: Google (and Fidelity) has invested a whopping $1 billion in SpaceX, giving the private rocketeers ample dough to make Internet satellites part of our celestial future. Satellites, with Internet, up in the sky. The timing is perfect for SpaceX's newly minted digs up in the rain-soaked Pacific Northwest.

Google has its own Internet-beaming aspirations, but SpaceX has become a pioneer in rocket science. So, hey, why not own some of the competition? As part of Elon Musk's vision for satellite Internet, SpaceX would unleash hundreds of satellites into orbit about 750 miles above Earth; the low positioning would provide broader coverage and, more importantly, speedier service.

There's not much information outside of SpaceX telling the world that Google has invested. So, in case you just couldn't wait to hear whether or not the reports were true or not, wonder no more. SpaceX's plan could take up to five years to fully roll out, but when it does, Musk is hoping the early building blocks will be in place for eventually providing Mars (yes, Mars) with an Internet connection.

If that's not a thoughtful house-warming gift for Mars colonizers, I don't know what is. Location check-ins from there would be a doozy.