Google Now is already pretty incredible, but it's about to get even better. The company recently added support for 40 popular apps, now it's working on an open API for the handy digital assistant, The Next Web reports.

Speaking at SXSW this weekend, Google Now director Aparna Chennapragada revealed plans to open up the service. Once the new API is available, any third-party developer will be able to add support into their own apps. Then relevant updates will pop up in Google Now automatically.

Chennapragada claims the search giant won't discriminate against rival services, surfacing information from the apps each person uses most often. That might mean Google Now potentially hosting rival apps in the future. For example, Nokia's HERE maps app could push notifications into Google's digital assistant. Microsoft could do something similar with Cortana once its own mobile AI arrives on Android.

Google will continue to roll out smaller updates for Google Now. The company recently added the option to find a nearby gas stations, and introduced Nest support late last year. What's next for Google Now? Chennapragada says she's pushing support for theme park line times after a recent visit to Disneyland gave her the idea.