Google Now on Tap is a great idea in theory, but when it first launched last year the new feature had one undeniable flaw. It took too long to load (sometimes as long as five seconds). Thankfully, it looks like Google may have finally given Now on Tap the speed boost it deserved.

The new and improved version of Now on Tap was spotted by a Reddit user, who shared the information along with video proof on Sunday. A handful of people quickly chimed in to confirm that the service really does load a lot quicker, making it much more enjoyable to use. In the video, Now on Tap appears to pop up less than a second after the user presses down on the Home Button.

The idea behind Now on Tap is pretty simple. By holding down the home button from any screen you can call on Google to provide contextual information. So, if you’re reading a movie review, you might see the option to buy tickets. If you just got an email about a package you ordered, Now on Tap can bring up tracking info, too.

The Google app for Android received an update last week on March 17. That might explain the recent speed boost though Google doesn’t offer a specific changelog. Still, you can hit the source link below to grab the latest version of the app on Google Play if you haven’t already.