Google Now Chrome

Google Now, the search giant's excellent predictive technology, is getting closer to arriving on desktop. After becoming a staple of Android—and, to an extent, on iOS—Google is working hard on bringing the experience over to the desktop environment, adding the feature to Chrome beta.

The company on Monday announced that Google Now notifications can be accessed through Google's Chrome browser, allowing you to see when a flight is delayed, the score of a game and more. A screenshot of the experience (above) was provided by Google, and it looks a lot like the Google Now we know and love, with a beautiful carded layout that's easy to digest. Want to know what traffic is like on the way home? You can get that information very easily, as opposed to going to Google Maps and then searching for that info—steps are eliminated, adding plenty of convenience and saving time.

All you need to do to get the experience working is to sign into Chrome with the same Google Account you're using for Google Now on Android or iOS. It's that simple. Once you do sign in, you'll be able to get Google Now notifications on Mac, Windows or Chromebook. Google said on its blog that in order to view the notifications, click on the bell icon on your desktop (Mac and Windows) or the numbered box (on Chromebook).

Google's Chrome beta, which anybody is free to download, sometimes take a few months before the updates are officially rolled out, so if you want to toy around with Google Now in your browser, you might want to hit up the beta. Google said Google Now notifications will be available in English from the start, but other languages will come down the road.