Early last year, Google said it would shutter its Google Now Launcher, the popular and reliably simple launcher that offered a clean design and quick access to popular Google services. Over a year later, and the launcher's final days have arrived.

According to Android Central, the Google Now Launcher is showing incompatibility with a wide range of devices that previously worked with the app. For some weird reason, the launcher currently only works with the BlackBerry KEYOne, while other popular handsets are left in the dust.

When it was launched, the Google Now Launcher worked with devices that ran Android 4.1 and higher, providing users with quick access to the Google Now feed. With the arrival and constant evolution of the Pixel Launcher, the Google Now Launcher's demise always seemed inevitable.

Luckily, Android users have plenty of great launchers to choose from, including Nova Launcher, which has long been a favorite here at TechnoBuffalo.

If you are currently using Google Now Launcher, nothing will change; you can use it as you normally would. However, if you wind up upgrading your phone, you'll have to find an alternative.