Google on Thursday introduced a new feature coming to Google Now in the Android M update, known as “Now on Tap.” The new feature essentially pops up information based on context for the app you’re in. So when you tap and hold on the home button of, say, your email app, it’ll pop up relevant cards. Google demonstrated the feature by showing off an email that mentioned Tomorrowland, and it brought up cards that showed off Tomorrowland information.

Now on Tap will be deeply integrated into Android M, and doesn’t require any extra work from developers; the feature basically reads the screen you’re on, and instantly provides information. Google also demonstrated the feature when in a music app; the user asked what Scrillex’s real name was, and Now on Tap quickly provided it.

For movies and TV, it’ll identify cast members and tell you what other stuff they’ve been in. Tap on a word while browsing the Web, and a Now card will pop-up giving you a definition, movies, and more—pretty much a Google search, but without actually searching Google. Google Now is about to be a much larger part of every Android user’s life with Now on Tap, and it looks awesome (and a little creepy).

Now you don’t have to actually jump into the Google Now menu to get the information you want. If you’re chatting with someone about a restaurant you want to try, tap the home button and you’ll get cards for Yelp, OpenTable, etc. Any relevant information will be available right at your fingertips.

This is going to be a huge part of Android M, which you can read about here.