I haven't been shy about announcing my fondness of Google Now; it's an excellent service that's one of Android's biggest weapons in Jelly Bean. According to a leaked YouTube video that was promptly pulled (Engadget has it up on its servers), Google Now's arrival on the iPhone and iPad is imminent. Maybe it'll coincide with the arrival on Chrome?

In the very convincing video, which is done in Google's familiar style, the narrator explains the benefits of the search giant's service, and how it might improve your mobile experience. "The right information at just the right time," the narrator says. The promo highlights all the pertinent features: traffic, weather, scores and the like—it's a huge feature that frankly Apple needs. Or at least, iOS users deserve to try.

Google hasn't commented on the authenticity of the video, so it's difficult to judge whether this is legit or not. According to Engadget, users will be able to access Now in a future iOS app update "simply by swiping up from the main screen."

We'll definitely be on the lookout for this one.