Maybe Google Now isn’t heading to iOS after all. At least, it hasn’t been submitted to Apple’s App Store just yet, according to an Apple spokesperson, shooting down suggestions we might see the service soon.

At an event earlier today, Google’s Eric Schmidt intimated that Google Now was awaiting approval from Apple’s dubious approval panel. To be fair, Schmidt didn’t outright acknowledge the service existed for iOS, but he also didn’t shoot down the rumor, either. Still, this could be a case of reading too much into what was said in the first place. Or not. We still don’t know.

A similar situation happened with the arrival of Google Maps, which reportedly met a similar fate of approval purgatory. Of course, Maps did eventually arrive for iOS, quickly becoming the App Store’s top prize. If Google Now for iOS is out there, and it certainly seems as though it is, hopefully the he-said-she-said bologna will work itself out and it will actually be released.