Seeing Google Now appear on iOS is exciting for a number of reasons. It shows that Google isn't afraid to open up access to one of its best services, and also that the company is easily one of the best app designers around. But, more importantly, it improves iOS as a whole. If Apple isn't going to do introduce predictive intelligence to its platform, someone else needs to step up. Google has.

With Google Now, Gmail and Maps (among other apps), Google has a number of quality experiences sitting right in Apple's App Store. Google Now is the icing on the cake. It's a great experience that curates the information you need into one easily accessible app. It may not be as immediately available as it is on Android, but a less integrated Google Now on iOS is better than nothing at all.

If you haven't seen/heard about Google Now, you can check it out here for iOS. We've also recorded this handy video with a short explanation and walkthrough of the entire experience. Now that Google Now is available for iOS, the search giant just needs to open it up to the Web, which we're hearing it will, and its predictive service takeover will be complete.